About us

Based on more than 20 years of dedication, love and experience in club culture, event production and concept development, Into the Valley festival was initiated in Sweden 2015. An immediate success, gathering an international audience from more than 40 countries. The initiative is based on the vision to further develop the format known as boutique festival and to invigorate the electronic music scene worldwide. We aim to build the world’s leading boutique- festival brand. By taking all components to a festival further we create an overall new, “no limits” and all inclusive experience.


To achieve the overall vision we base our strategy on the seven fundamental values below.

Unique Locations

We work hard to find festival locations all around the world that are truly unique. Our original edition of the festival was held in an old abandoned limestone quarry and the second one in an old Russian prison from the cold war. This third time looking at Spain our target is set on a beautiful ancient castle.

Pioneering Technology

Part of our concept is adding new technical solutions and products. Functions incorporated in safety, logistics, tickets, transactions and of course also in sound and lights.

Advanced Eclectic Music

We never have a pre set idea for the musical concept each year. Planning for every new edition of the festival means that we are scouting for a new and unique line-up of artists. Everyone in our team is a music nerd, all looking for the latest and most interesting artist and producers. We are always open to all genres, looking to push the boundaries and to build a progressive cultural concept. When curating the line-up we book some of the biggest international acts, but also with a strong focus on local artists and producers from the region of each event.

Food+ Bar Architechture

Planning for each edition of the festival we scout the local region for the most interesting chefs and restaurants, looking to include them in the concept. The idea is to always build the food and beverage concept focused on local produce and talent. Our ambition is to give all visitors a strong, healthy and authentic food and beverage experience.

Innovative Art

The addition of relevant contemporary art from the region is vital to our festival concept. We always put great effort into scouting the region and cities we visit for new interesting artists. By doing this we incorporate the essence of the people and the city hosting the festival, closely into each unique concept.

Holistic Awareness

We are promoting an in all aspects healthy lifestyle, also arguing for solidarity and caring for the people around us. Part of this strategy means we also have a zero tolerance for all forms of drugs, abuse and violence. This strategy also means we work hard to promote alcohol free beverages, which also is a growing trend generally in the young generation. We also set up yoga and meditation tents in the area and offer counselling for guests with problems that need to talk.

Social Equality

We want everyone to feel equally important and welcome to our events. As part of that strategy we don’t have any VIP areas or services. All visitors have full and equal access to all parts of the festival. We also put great emphasis gender equality and on making sure that women feel equally safe (as men) in and around the festival area.